The Answers are on the Floor

Today I write after returning from a weekend of training in Nebraska.  I have never been in this dojo before but felt right at home and enjoyed my time there very much.


This weekend was a special time set aside for dedicated training time or Gasshuku.  Mrs. Young and myself attended as students and worked hard on Kihon, Kata and Kumite, The same things we work on in classes week in and week out, we just did it for longer without interruption.  Sensei talked a lot about making sure we do our practice.  Not only coming to the dojo for classes but also practicing to grow our skills so when we attend classes or Gasshuku especially, we can push each other to grow, ask questions and enrich the knowledge body as a whole.  It is the instructors responsibility to present the information.  The students job is to practice, make it their own and attend classes to work with others on the information.  Some of my favorite quotes were painted on the walls around this dojo.  The most relevant to this writing is “The Answers are on the Floor”.  Meaning if we want to learn we have to be on the floor, we have to practice and put in the effort.  I have approached my training by setting goals and working to make them happen.  My personal daily practice outside of class was developed prior to my first black belt test.  This strategy worked to achieve the goal of successful promotion at that time and continues to expand to serve new goals.


Currently Karate and Kobudo classes are Monday and Thursdays and Yoga classes Tuesday nights.  Many schedule options have been explored at various points of our history.  When polled people respond they would like to see more class options.  Scheduling is not easy for anyone, and people are involved in many things.  Personally I work full time before attending and teaching the classes we offer.  This is a personal commitment that I have chosen.  I am not asking for sacrifice from anyone, but would like to see the strength of our program continue to grow.