November Numbers

As we look forward at November our focus will be “Numbers”.  We will find creative ways to count and use our numbers.  “Numbers” is not just about counting, but repetition.  Last writing I talked about the answers are on the floor.  This is true, you must get on the floor and practice, practice repeat.   We will be selecting a few “moves” and doing them over and over during our class.  This is done to develop good form and movements that happen without conscious thought.  The other function is that we will work to keep form even when the motion is tired.  This may be an example of less is more in some ways.

In Karate we will possibly use; “Simple” Kihon, Kihon 2, 3, 4 Kihon Ido, Keri ido and even Kata with this idea.

As far as Kobudo the same applies, we may repeatedly do our Kihon or Hojo undo, Kata, even Bunkai…

In Yoga we may use more repeating sequences with the hope of building strength and possibly getting a deeper experience of positions.

Practice Practice, Repeat.

Your participation in our program is appreciated, Thank you.