May update

Good May to you,

I realize this is a few days in to the month but we will be having a great month.  First I wanted to remind you that we will be closed Memorial weekend Saturday the 23, no Yoga or additional training that morning,  and Monday the 25 of May, no Karate for children or adults. 


Our class schedule will run as posted for the remainder of the month


Yoga will run Tuesdays 6:30-7:20pm without out interruption and Saturday May 9, 16 and 30.  Keep in mind we could go out of doors if participants are finding the weather acceptable.  Outdoor practice opens up several new aspects from time to time; I love to practice outside, perhaps we can join together for this weather permitting. 

Karate we will be turning our focus from the four directions to Tai Sabaki or body management.  Most of what we do is learning to manage our body but we will add specific methods including falls and rolls. 


Kobudo may again brings the opportunity to go out of doors if participants are finding the weather acceptable this allows us to move bigger with long weapons.