March update

Welcome to March.  (San getsu)

Often this time of year people ask about our Spring Break schedule.  Due to the varied way that area schools take break we are open week nights through March.  Saturday March 21 closed seminar in Iowa and Saturday the 28 is in question at this time but will update as that approaches.

Hopefully this is the thing of the past for now, but the hype around Tuesdays “snow storm” reminded me to let you know that we are usually “closed” when Menomonie schools are closed due to weather.  Most of you who have been around a few months know that I am there anyway so if you feel comfortable making it in we can train.  Again hopefully this will not be something we need to think bout until next December but just as a reminder.

Tee shirt orders have been emailed out and are due March 16.

As for training this month we will be working on San Dan Gi

San Dan Gi is three level training, and teaches stance transition, timing, distance and control as well as working on our various blocks and strikes. It is an introduction to Kumite and useful as we work toward our analysis of the kata especially Geksai ichi and Ni but any Rensoku, (continuous exercise) is helped out by this training.  We also develop our use of Muchimi or sticky hands, and can utilize the ideas taught in Tensho, the most “advanced” kata in our system.  San Dan Gi is an exercise for beginner to advanced student and is fairly unique to Goju Ryu.  I look forward to practicing this with you all this month!  Bring your notebook to record the ideas that we develop in March.

During our Kobudo classes we will continue to work our way through the Hojo undo sets and Shu Shi no Kon kata.  We are beginning to bring out the bunkai or analysis of the actions in both of these areas. Good work to those who are continuing on this.

One last thing:  Congratulations Sempai Katie Paulich who achieved her goal of being named Valedictorian of her graduating class!  Way to go Sempai Katie!