Good yoga to You


Today I write to thank you for your support of our Yoga Program.  The past few weeks have been great is several ways!  It makes my night to see interactions between participants making each other feel welcome and scrunching closer to make room for each other as classes get more full.  Of course we have been doing some great work toward our goals with each class.  I appreciate each of you making room in your schedule for our class,  we can have many irons in the fire and it is important that you feel welcome attending and comfortable with your practice.

Over the years there have been times when I feel to busy for practice.  It is during these times it is needed most.  Occasionally I have tried to “multi task”, practicing while watching a webinar, or listening to a lecture.  Sometimes I have felt the need to keep my phone near me to know the time or to watch for that important message.  These multi-tasking strategies have impacted the experience of my practice in a way that I may call negatively.  I miss the deep relaxation at the end and do not end feeling as refreshed seeming to drop right back in to the state of “chaos” I fought leaving to practice.  As a “teacher” at times I have kept my phone nearby to watch for messages from participants who were running late etc.  It continued to be a distraction from my ability to lead class in one way or another.  Worse yet it distracted people who were close to me with sound, (even when silenced it vibrated…) and the light would draw not only my attention but that of those around me.

For me the practice has become a “mini” media fast.  It is a small way I can work to keep my attention on what is happening on my mat and let the “worries” of the world melt away.  The messages will be there after practice is done and amazingly and I feel more organized, my webinars get watched and the lectures find themselves listened to.  I invite you to join this practice in the studio.  If you are able extend this to your home practice taking note of the changes.