The second quarter runs April 1 through June 30.  It is frequent that this time of year presents more options and spring sports and weather get in better shape.  We appreciate your interest in this program and want you to know were are here year round and look forward to serving you as you like.


With that said we are into April, the fourth month.  We will be working on four directions.  It is not about north, south, east and west but finding ways to pivot both 90 degrees and 180.  Pivoting helps us find ways to not only face different directions but tests and corrects stances and shines a light on our posture.  For those who use their student manual we will build toward Kihon 4 a set of turning exercises that will cover the four directions.  Our kata are very good exercises to get us moving in different directions with different techniques so we will draw inspiration from them.  Shisochin or “four directional fighting” puts specific focus on getting us pivoting in the four directions and using angles to set up defense.  With all these exercises we will get more in touch with our hips and how to utilize them in practice.  As we draw out bunkai we will find good self defense applications using these concepts.  We have begun the “Kicking or Balancing kata” where we balance and kick in the four directions.  This is a sure way to strengthen our hips and test our balance.  We are creative in how we get up and down incorporating the pivoting.  This month is sure to challenge…






Shisochin “Four Gates” or “Four Directions of Conflict” Shisochin translates as “Four Gates” or “Four Directions of Conflict”. To leave it at that discounts a truer …


Looking forward to practicing with you all this month.