Fall Quarter ahead…

October hails a new quarter and the first full month of Autumn…October is a month of change as we transition from foliage to bareness of trees.

We will be focusing to a small degree on falls (and rolls) this month.  They are important for a myriad of reasons.  I usually work with them in the fall due to the increased possibility of falling during the winter weather months.  The benefit is not limited to that season however.  Countless times these skills have saved my bacon on coming off my bike during the usual riding season…  This year I am approaching from a perspective of how we interact with gravity.  Rolling is a great way to move our bodies in very different ways.  It exercises the physical body and gives the vestibular system a lot of input.  We will use these skills in bunkai as we look at take downs from kata.

Yoga classes will continue through the month but will be closed Oct 31.