Preparing in September…

September is upon us now and Junbi undo will be our focus for the month.  We will take time to prepare our bodies for the practice of karate…  of course we will practice karate but we will examine Junbi undo and its effects on our practice, its self defense applications and potential health benefits.

I am looking forward to Outdoor weapons day  Saturday September 16 from 10-12:00.  My hope it to have a bit of fun with traditional weapons…  We will throw various weapons and use longer weapons in ways we can’t inside.  We will end with a light lunch.  Head count  is needed so items can be prepared for you, Please let me know if you are interested and pay $10 for supplies by September 14.  Also Bring if you can, not required, a cardboard from  frozen pizza, an empty milk jug with cap, an old pair of shoes that are ready for the garbage.

Yoga:  There will be no Yoga September 19