Back To school

This week we prepare for back to school.  Thursday and Friday are local students first day of school.
Thursday night will be September First and we will be “going back to school” at the dojo as well.

During the month of September we will recommit to the basics, spending time with Kihon or basic blocks, stances, strikes kicks.  We will review Kihon Ido from August and Keri Ido from July.  The kata of focus this month will be Sanseru and Sanchin dai Ichi this month.

My Goal is to have published study guide available by the end of the month…. Stay tuned.

We will be closed Monday September 5 for Labor day.  


July was a fun month working with Keri Ido learning new kicks and combinations.  We found out how our legs heat things up, and discovered the devistating power that can be generated from kicks.  We learned a couple “new” kicks and discussed their effectiveness or usage.  We learned some new exercises with the legs to made our hips stronger and improve our balance.
During the month of August we will continue with our theme of moving basics and work through Kihon Ido.  By the end of the month we will be comfortable with some basic sets and have the ability and confidence to “create” or find our own.
Thank you for a great summer so far, here is to a “moving” August…