June 16

Today I write to update on our focus for June.  We began the month looking at angles in stepping.  This is of course integral to all kata and bunkai applications.  It is imperative that we set angles properly as follow up techniques will or will not work based on the foot work.  The first specific example was from Shesochin kata and an exercise that many people struggle with as they learn and practice this kata.  We will carry on our month with this focus relating stances together also known as Kihon 3 stance exercises.  If you are not familiar with “Kihon 3” make sure you attend this month, practice with us and take notes.
For Kobudo we have taken advantage of the warm weather and gone outside to practice throwing our sai.  We found some targets that were challenging to get trough and tested our ability to generate power in the throw.  It is nice to have an opportunity to fully participate in the kata and not restrain the throws.
Just a note the spring quarter ends June 30th.  Summer will begin July 7 as we are closed July 4.  
Looking forward to a great summer.
Thank you for your interest in Menomonie Goju!